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There is nothing that is quite as aggravating as a good idea that falls short in its implementation. That is precisely the challenge that Franz Iten AG in Birmensdorf has been tackling successfully for more than 60 years. Years of experience in bending and rolling combined with state-of-the-art technology guarantees a precise realisation of your wishes. We ensure that every bend fits perfectly thanks to our tool manufacturing and the manual or CNC-controlled rolling- and bending machines.

In addition to round pipes, we also bend rectangular, square, oval and special profiles. We apply various materials such as aluminium, compound metals, chrome-nickel steel, steel and various special metals in our work.

To bend pipes/profiles, a large number of tools are needed, since a separate bending tool is needed for every dimension and radius.

Whether differing radii or multiple levels, complicated pipe interiors or delicate profiles – we are your partner whenever matters surrounding pipes, profiles or flat steel are more complicated. We are the problem-solvers for nearly any imaginable task in the field of bending and rolling. We manufacture prototypes and series that are made to order. In doing so, the key to the perfect bend is the close collaboration with the customer. To fulfil the sophisticated customer’s demands, we include our clients in every step from the development to the production.

In our eyes, being a service provider means reacting flexibly and dynamically to the requirements of our national and international customers and to individually develop the ideal solution for every customer.

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